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Regardless of whether you need a hotel in Krško for business or tourist purposes, choosing our hotel will give you comfort, and we will try to satisfy your wishes if you just trust us.

Kind personnel, comfy bed and a tasty breakfast.

The rooms in the Kunst hotel are of two categories:

Standard rooms - 360° view

Standard rooms - cater to your needs if you like classic style, are a business guest or just in transit. The rooms are big and spacious, with large and comfortable beds and some working room, in case you need to do something work related. Each room has an en-suite bathroom, TV and an air conditioning cooling system.

Artists’ rooms

In the so-called artists’ rooms, you can experience the lives of the artists from our local environment. They have let us into their environment, told us what they do in their free time and what they like to eat. The designer Mitja Bobnar created the rooms; all have a modern touch, are comfortable and offer a unique experience. These remarkable rooms reflect the spirit of the artists, their life’s work and their own unique style. The corridor is dedicated to Janez Vajkard Valvasor, a great Slovenian polyhistor that lived in the 17th century. The idea to create the unique artists’ rooms appeared because of our surname KUNST, a German expression for art (die Kunst).

We invite you to connect with the artist in you. You can watch a movie in the minimalistic rooms of the director Damjan Kozole, or drink a glass of wine on an intimate terrace of the actor Slavko Cerjak. The vibrant colors in the room of the painter Jože Marinč can inspire you or you can sing in the shower in the glamorous bathroom, inspired by the singer Nuša Derenda.

The hotel sleeps up to 40 people.

Damjan Kozole

Slavko Cerjak

Jože Marinč - 360° view

Nuša Derenda - 360° view

  • Working hours
  • The Restaurant
  • Mon – Sat:

    7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

  • Sundays and holidays: closed
  • Hotel
  • Ulica Mladinskih del. Brigad 1
    8273, Leskovec pri Krškem
  • +386 (0)7 488 03 18
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